Returning from the mists to find itself nestled once again within it's home; Seydr has reopened it's doors within the neon quarter of Amber Bay, a quaint little shop of Skins, Overlays, Cosmetics and fantastical addons for kin and creature alike, with promise of more to come that will shake the metaverse of SecondLife.Those returning may remember the former name of Gauze, originated in 2008, but has since been rebranded and reforged by the owner Revna (Yukio Ida); whom after a much needed long hiatus still felt the desire and passion to create, learn and bring beautiful, high quality content to the platform.Seydr is a playful alternate spelling of Seidr, a nordic shamanistic practice of magick rooted in mythology, the Y symbolizing the trunk and branches of the world tree Yggdrassil. Following the concept of weaving or unweaving fate's tapistry, Much like in SL, we shape and change ourselves and experiences we have the ability to control every aspect of ourselves and shape our identity.If you wish to keep updated on what is coming, please consider going to links and follow us on the social media we have available plus join our discord for more information and WIPs.You can find our current locations at the FIND US page above or go to our Marketplace.Looking forward to see you all soon!
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION about Collaboration Items
I cannot help you in any way with items I do not own or control/sell. If you DM me or my manager about any items I did in collaboration with other brands that I do not carry, the notecard and DMs will be discarded without warning. Please make sure you read the purchase information on MP or check the store brand/creator in advance.
I need an item redelivered:
Redeliveries for inworld purchases are now available via the new unpacker huds on your products and look like an up arrow with a circle around it. If it is a MP purchase search Seydr or Yukio Ida in "My Account" > "Order History". If all else fails then please go to our discord and create a support ticket. Provide all proof and explain your issue with as much detail as possible in your ticket, as it assists us in quickly getting the issue resolved. Requests without proof of purchase will be denied.
Are you looking for a Spokesperson/Model/Blogger?
Not right now, but when and if I begin looking for one, I will post a casting call via social media.
Are you available for comissions?
No. But there is a Suggestion-and-inspo channel in our discord and if I like the idea you are free to post there.
Do you take requests?
As mentioned above you are welcome to make the suggestion in our discord. Please be aware that IP copyright does exist and I will not recreate something exactly even if I do love the concept. Posting also never guarentees I will eventually make the thing.
Are you looking to join events?
Depends on the event, please send a notecard to Miwa Bunny or Yukio Ida in-world.
Would you like to join malls/venues
Roleplay Sims; Send notecard invitation to Miwa Bunny
Clubs and Malls: Not at this time.
Do you have giftcards available?
They are available for purchase inworld.
I am wearing the applier but nothing is happening, what do I do?
Check to make sure the body is up to date.
For Materials, check under graphics (ctrl+p) > advanced that advanced lighting model and ambient occlusion are on. A lot of my skins are BOM and I use appliers exclusively for the materials on bodies. For newer mesh that no longer uses Omega, updates may be pending for materials on tattoos and that will be announced.
Will there be an update for XXXXX product to new bodies?
For most things, no. If an update becomes available the announcement will be made public at the time, but for older collaborative items they are considered finished.

Seydr Policy

Est. in 2008All sales are final. All products are sold as-is and are true to advertisement. Demos are usually readily available.IF A DEMO IS AVAILABLE, ALWAYS TRY IT FIRST! We are sorry but we won’t refund for an item you bought and you don’t like because you didn’t try the demo first.If you somehow double purchased, please provide transaction history and I will refund the extra purchase, but please be mindful constant reoccurence will result in me not reimbursing you anymore.If you have an issue or need any assistance, please go to my discord and submit a ticket, my team and I will answer your request within the next 24 hours.Items made in collaboration with Trap are at Selos's store and are on the MP sold between our two stores. There will be no updates or additional sizes made on those products.Personal use texture edits are fine, you do not need my permission.Edits made to my skins and products for commercial use is strictly prohibited and legal action will ensue should this be discovered.